"I make grownups cry" - Dog painting + Story

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20181104 Sherlock The Dog sm branded.jpgHey Steemians! You following me yet? ( If not, why not? You're missing out on great content - I pour my art/heart out daily. ) So... this is sort of a sequel to a previous post. The mermaid and the Sea Horse -

In the last post I wrote how I surprised my buddy's wife with a huge painting.... She had no clue about it, and now it's the centerpiece of their home. I'm pretty proud of that... but, it's not the whole story. You see, it's a mountain-cabin type home. My buddy had just moved his family there, and I came to visit him -- before his wife came back - so that I could measure to make sure the painting fit, and also to welcome him to his new home. While there, he mentioned that his dog, Sherlock, has been missing for a few days... but the search is on.

I haven't had reason to mention this, 'cause... it's not a thing you really say to people out of the blue, but... I think that the sound of Coyotes howling is beautiful... it feels like they are singing for me. I've lived in Oro Valley, Arizona (near Tucson) - and there were Coyotes there in the mountains... they'd howl at night, and I'd chillax on the patio, look at the stars and listen. There... now you know something about me that most people do not know.

When I visited my buddy at his new place, I could hear coyotes... This time, they were closer than any time I've ever heard them howling before. It was still beautiful. You know what isn't beautiful? The sound that they make when they actually catch something. That is the sound of brutal slaughter, as a group of canines masacre a much smaller creature. It's a bit bone-chilling actually. Well, I heard this too when I was at my buddy's place.

Sherlock was a small dog, and while I'm an optimist, I suspected that there's a chance the Coyotes got him... I noticed that there was a photo of Sherlock on the fridge, so I took a photo of it on my phone... just in case.

Here's the reference photo:
20181104 Sherlock The Dog ref.jpg

I got home, and made a painting of Sherlock, and I mailed it to my buddy.

Since it was a surprise, I mailed it in the slower (cheaper) way. Before it got there, I spoke to him. I asked how it's going... he said many good things, but... also that they found Sherlock's collar... Meaning the coyotes probably got him... and they (the family, not the coyotes) are crushed. He was the family dog, and they all loved him very much.

Another day or two later, and the painting arrived. They were all grateful, and in tears.

They later sent me a video, of how they surprised their son with the painting, and I actually got to see all 3 of them crying.

"I make grownups cry" -- it's my unofficial slogan. It's usually tears of joy from a great surprise... I help my clients plan the surprises for those special people... Or.. I just surprise people...

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So pretty ~ Flowing brush stroke is so fascinating ~ Dog's heart belongs to you ~ Thank you for sharing ~

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So amazing, it looks beautiful !!!!!! <3

Thank you so much! I'm certainly glad the dog's owners thought so as well.

Great artwork! I recommend that you don't use the crop feature. If you don't use the function, it would be better and the black will be disappeared.

I would love to not use the crop tool... but it's on by default, and just about none of my images are at 3:4 / 4:3 ratio, so I have to crop outside my image so that the image doesn't get cropped. How can I disable the auto-cropping? I've asked this before when people have commented on the black, but nobody's actually replied.

If you don't resize anything, you will be able to see not cropping picture. Please, don't mind like 3:4, 4:3, etc. 🤗

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Awww shit! It worked! All this time, I've been "un"cropping for nothing! It's confusing, 'cause the crop tool shows up automatically... Kind of wish it said "Just ignore the crop overlay if you don't want to crop" - I'll go back and try to correct my pieces. Thanks Joey, I appreciate this.

Alright 🤗 I apologize the inconvenience, we are planning ti improve the feature asap.

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I've got no room to talk... I haven't made an epic community / website - complete with its own custom tools.... But, if you'd like, I can help with the interface - and some documentation and such... I'm pretty good with instructional stuff. Wouldn't mind contributing some.

Thanks for your kind words, unfortunately, It's ok. When I have to redesign the website, I may ask you about it.

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Aaah we already spoke about Sherlock before, but it is nice to see that it now gets its own post :)

You are such a great giver, Ori :D I'm glad the memories of Sherlock will live on through this piece for his family :)

We did... in the commentary under the mermaid painting. I believe I said in that one that I would someday post the story of Sherlock. With so many paintings, I never know which one to post about next.. what to write, etc... I think I've been thinking about dogs a lot lately. Want to get my own dog, but I travel a lot... and have many toxic chemicals (painting / sculpting supplies)... A bit torn up about it. Get a dog or not... It's not like a plant where if I forget to water it, oh well. A friend had to put his dog of 14 years down today, I'm trying to make a painting of the dog-- not as he is, but rather as he was... since my friend said he lost all the photos of him as a puppy.... this is difficult... But would be an epic surprise if I can pull it off.