[CR] ArtVenture contest "Lighthouse"

in #ntopazlast year (edited)

Hello! Today I want to show you my second entry for the Art-Venture traditional Art contest.
The theme of this week is Seasсape.
I decided to draw a lighthouse on a sea sunset background.
Photos of the drawing process:


Thank you for watching!


Thank you Tais, lighthouse is the symbol of sea and like a guardian of seamen protects and guides them in dark and stormy nights. I can imagine how people happy to see such blinking light on horizon when the hope is gone in the past the captain did not know where to navigate. You work is so peaceful, lonely lighthouse in the last rays of sun, beautiful pink sky and calm water :)

Thank you so much!

I like this picture with "Lighthouse"!

This post not related to @steemmonsters topic , can you please remove the tag and stop using #spt tag on this kind of posts ?

Caramba que hermosa pintas bueno coloreas porque una cosa es pintar porque es con pinturas y otra es colorear con lapices de colores. Y usando ambas técnicas muy pocas veces quedan igual. Te felicito por tu arte.

Thank you!

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