Live human model sketch.

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ntopaz-image-0Hey guys its been a long time since I last posted my work. As you know I went to Malaysia this year so I haven't been able to post recently.
So, it took me around 3days and 2hour per day to complete this sketch completely. As this is one of my best work till now. I wanted to post the photo of the model too but as she said she don't want to reveal herself I couldn't do so. The main thing I like about this sketch is her hair and her shawl. I used a simple hatching technique for separating tge light and shade.

Materials used:
Indian cartridge
Derwent pencil- 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B
Wooden board
Binding clip
Charcoal eraser


How vivid ~ In a moody painting, in a soulful emotion ~ Fascinating work ~

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