The blue wolf and the hill full of plants

in ntopaz •  5 months ago  (edited)

During the last days I'm working on some different versions of the wolf. I need to study this character as better I can, before to start to work on the illustrated story I want to create. The study of the main characters is always my favorite part of the process, because I love to represent an animal (or a person) using my own style. Sometimes it's not a fast process, because if I need to give some movements to the character I have to study how that character can work on different scenes.

For this story (a sort of tale where a good wolf teach us that we can't judge a wolf just because he's a wolf ^_^) , I have to study this kind of animal since he's a little one to he's an adult one and so I'm alternating 2 versions of the same blue wolf: a baby wolf and an adult wolf.

It will be a long, but very interesting journey along different studies for this story, so stay tuned ^_^

See ya soon


silvia beneforti

silvia beneforti

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Oh a story, that's cool @silviabeneforti I can't wait to see it progress. I love illustrating things, especially of your own story!

I think it will be a long interesting adventures, but it's really exciting for me ^_^

You are studying wolf now ^^ I can hear the crying of the wolf in the painting. You also studied crying of the wolf ^^ You imagine unimaginary image we are not familiar. So your work is interesting to me. And driving me a bit imaginative. I am waiting for your next work. I will stay tuned ^^ Thank you ~~

Thanks so much, @trueimagine ^_^

I really like the idea of not being able to judge a wolf just because it's a wolf and I agree learning about a character can sometimes take months of preparation @silviabeneforti.

It's a project I have in my mind since one year, but just now I feel myself ready to work on. It will be an exciting "adventure" for me ^_^

Hi, @silviabeneforti!

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