A tiny sheep in blue (oil painting on paper)

in ntopaz •  last month  (edited)

After a tiny sheep in ocher and a tiny sheep in red, it was time for a new one in blue! I'm a little obsessed with this shade of blue (the Payne's grey) and I'm using it a lot of time in my paintings. Mixing it with the white colors I painted the sky and here I used it for the entire sheep! 

Well, I know a blue sheep doesn't exist in the real world, but imagination can create a special world full of strange creatures. Imagination is something great, isn't it? ^_^

Sheeps reminds me one of the first songs I learned when I was a student and I was learning English at school:

"Baa baa black sheep

have you any wool?

Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full.

One for the master,

one for the dame,

one for the little boy

who lives down the line"

The next one will be in green, stay tuned!

See ya soon


silvia beneforti

silvia beneforti
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Yes I agree imagination can do everything ^^ Hello Silvia, you did a great job again. So astonishing work I have never imagined. Your work appeals to me so strongly. In Ocher, blue sheep, interesting! I like blue so much, it gives me a peace. How can you imagine blue sheep ^^ Haha, so imaginative you are! Yes, imagination is the key to create the new world from the bottom of the soul. Today I witnessed a new world I have never seen before. So impressive ~~ Thank you so much ~~ See your next work ^^


Thanks so much for your nice words. I'm always happy to know what my works reminds to people and blue colors give peace also to me ^_^

I love your blue sheep with its golden aura. Your animals have their own world to live in. I would not be surprised if they all showed up in a story book someday.


Thanks so much, dear Sunscape!!! ^_^

I really do love these little guys @silviabenefort and in Minecraft we can have blue sheep, so there you go :)

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thans ^_^

You have got a funny looking sheep. And i like the colour, I could have bet this wasn't blue. Thanks for that Information.


This shade of color is really special. If you add a bit of white you can see a beautiful light blue, but if you don't mix it with anything, the clor is really dark and seems a dark grey ^_^

It's a beautiful job, I love how that blue sheep was.

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Thanks ^_^

Hi, @silviabeneforti!

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Go Silvia!!!