A Golden Memory

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Every day was an adventure for her, the fresh new experience, the overabundant of energy, and her childish innocence. Whenever she sees this photo, the past always looks so blazing and beautiful, memories of things that have passed and gone by. A golden memory.

A Golden Memory
big version

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Drawing step by step

Status: New sketch -> shading


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I really have to get back into drawing again. I know I promised earlier, but life has had other plans. Thanks for uploading the step by step guide.

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I'm glad if I can motivate you to draw again =).

[nTopaz Curator]

Loverly piece @scrawly 👏👏👏 🙌 💎 agree with @ryivhnn for a next scene 😉

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I'm bad with continuation though, so it will all depend on my muse ^^.
Thanks melooo :D.

Ahh, what a beautiful little girl. So nice warm tones. Very very very well done!

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You create many beautiful shots, so I take this compliment with pleasure. Thank you axeman ^_^!!!

Beautiful cute face, you made it in nice golden color :)


She is an adorable character, so I'm glad this drawing turns out well.
Thank you Stef :).

When we ealk in fields of gold


Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk


Thank you artzone :).

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Thank you c-squared :).

ohh I love the monochrome, nice touch on adding scrawly on the dress. I didn't notice that until the third glance. I bet this looks better if the there were no adjustments in the resolution during uploads.


I'm glad that you looked at this drawing several times until you found my signature XD.
And yes, I wish nTopaz doesn't resave art files because all of them look better before they are compressed. The colours also change slightly. Ah well, I'm sure they will get better.
Thank you adamada ^_^.

I can almost imagine her stepping off a train car pulled by a Steem locomotive (see what I did there? Lol) holding a small suitcase and embarking on a new adventure in a new town. I like the back lighting effect.


I hope it's not a Steem locomotive, it might not move very far XD. Hehehe maybe I'm a pessimist.
Thanks Brad :).

A nostalgic one :D


Nanochan!!! <3 <3 <3

So the next pic is her as an old grandmother looking back through her photo albums? 😆

Bit more browny and you’d have that old school sepia photograph thing happening 😄

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Hehehe I should draw a granny one of these days, I've never drawn them yet XD. But this girl doesn't get old, she's a vampire :).

I wish I had the time to really nurture my artistic skills I had way back in High school, squandered too many things and opportunities.


Arrrr, it's never too late! When you have free time, pick up some paper and doodle sommit :D.
Actually I have stopped drawing too before I joined Steemit ^^.


I wonder what I would look like anime style?


Draw and find out :).

One of these days I came across what seemed to be a jealous person, claiming that you were posting the same drawings over and over again. He was trying to report you for spam. What the f... is wrong with these people?

Keep up with the good art, @scrawly!

I'd like to invite you to participate on my Art Curation Initiative #9


😂 😂

Clearly they are right. I've been spamming the blockchain daily with my art. Don't worry, they just have to be patient for now but I won't do it forever.
And I'm glad that I'm important enough to this person that they must have paid a lot of time and attention to my gallery. Not even my friends spend that much time on me, you know :).
Thanks for telling me and for your support, trin XD.

Excelente rabajo me encanto, gracias por mostrarno tu talento. Saludos


Thank you Karen! :)
I was trying to open your Thriller youtube but it said video unavailable T_T.


Really? It was not available :( well you can try again, because many who have left me a comment have not told me anything about it not look :(

Excellent work @scrawly! I for some reason have a strong urge to play 'Fields of Gold' by Sting :D


I don't know this song, but I will find it in youtube and give a listen :D.
Thank you cogitecture ^_^.


Thanks Sander :).

Our connection with ourselves at different times in our life is a fascinating theme @scrawly. We remember selectively and forget so much. Old photographs can sometimes trigger the memory of exact moments when a photograph was taken. Not just how we looked in the photograph but how we were feeling at the time.

It must be a beautiful experience for the woman looking at this photograph now, remembering how it felt to be wearing this blouse and how her mother had made it especially for her. Remembering what it felt like to be alive on that beautiful summer's day. Beautiful drawing. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Yes, old memory can be very beautiful and intense. All the feelings come rushing back all at once. Sometimes a song that I've rarely heard can trigger this kind of experience, and it can be quite overwhelming, in a good or sad way, sometimes both.
Thank you for your lovely comment, Ally :).

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I's a very simple yet, I'm really impressed with the skill you have to use different gradients of color brightness to bring such a magnificent artwork.

Thanks for sharing, best regards.

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Thank you for your support once again Joel and dropahead :D.
And I love painting with monotone because it teaches me a lot about shading and values.

Wow! What lovely Golden shades and a lovely girl! I'm so excited!


I'm also excited to see your next art!
Thank you, my dear Veta ^_^.

It's a beautiful artwork, the one you just did
she is a lovely girl


Thank you very much, inu-jim ^_^.

I very like this colors! Beautiful drawing!


I also like how it turns out. Thank you :).


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