Keep on going

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Keep on Going

Finally after a long time I finished this remake. Not sure if I ever did a remake of a drawing or painting because I have too many ideas and no time to do something for a second time. But I always thought about doing a remake of the painting "Keep on Going" I did in 2011 with watercolors. I loved the idea but it never felt like it was good enough and wanted to make an improved version.

The main reason was that the painting gave me some kind of motivation and positive message about going on while life is hitting hard and dealing with so many obstacles. After some years of drawing with my wacom it felt like I could do it better. Didn't know I would spend so much time on the shading. I started this last year and no idea how many hours I spend on it but probably too much. But I could go on for many hours and do even more detailed shading ;)

I tried to add all kind of pics in ntopaz but somehow you have to add the same ratio and just did a lot of 16:9 cut outs. So I will be posting them in the blog itself which I think is even better.

Original painting

This is the original painting I did in 2011 with watercolors and fineliner. I think the size is a5 so it's really small. You can see that I kept most of the image beside background and I added more detail, shading and characters and in my opinion better balance of the creatures in the walking creature :D


Here are some close ups of the new version.









Well it was a fun ride and happy I finally finished it and forced myself do keep on going :P This was the neverending project I was talking about while getting distracted by all the blobs who wanted attention. But there is even a bigger insane neverending too much detail project I will be working on now....

I'm working on some prints of this painting so if interested let me know.


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I like both versions but I love the colors, feel and look of the newer one.
The spaghetti also looks way more realistic ;>)


It is so trippy and surreal:) Very much improved and with an amazing colour selection:)

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Thank you @georgeboya! I think too :)

The remake is awesome! Nice work man!


Thank you very much @campfire! Glad I did the remake :)

I think both have their own charms, Sander.... Somehow the original, traditional one has an appeal of having that watercoloury texture but the digital one has a different energy and attractiveness to it :) Love how clean and bold the colours are, and I really like how you managed to re-capture the feeling of the piece, with all of the faces emoting and the creature itself, still precariously negotiating its passage across the dangerous path.... I really like the reds of the tendrils that came sprouting upwards from the bottom, I think you managed to make them looking more threatening than before :)

Also the addition of the layered landscape added depth to the piece and really makes the picture a bit more 'complete' in its finished form :)

Lovely reinterpretation into digital genre of this classic work of yours, Sander :)


Thank you so much for the great comment @veryspider! True they both have their charm but really like the remake and the expressions of the creatures :)

A great 'remake' @sanderjansenart as someone who always sketches and then does studies, I guess I sort of do remakes as a matter of course. I love how this turned out and it looks amazing on a shirt!


Thank you @donnadavisart! I think you're right about the studies and sketches. I barely do that so guess it's a bit different :)

Well I didn't put this artwork on a shirt but I guess you mean the other design?

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