Childhood Memories

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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3ntopaz-image-4This is my entry for the childhood memories contest on @ntopaz

I wanted to participate and was thinking a lot but couldn't remember much or it wasn't fun to draw. Eventually my girlfriend told me about a story I told a long time ago from my childhood.

My grandfather had a mortuarium and was gravedigger as job. When somebody died he took care of it so he wasn't home very much and always working. When I was really young (no idea how old I was) I sometimes visited the small cemetary and was in the mortuarium building because he worked there and it was pretty normal.

I can't remember much of it but one thing I will never forget.

One time he let me in the cold room where all the corpses where on tables but all covered with sheets. And he took a sheet of and I was stunned. I'm not sure if it made sense to me what was happening. I can only remember that I thought it was or looked like a mannequin. When I was older the memory popped up and found it really weird that I was showed a corpse like it was nothing (maybe I aksed or it was some kind of joke). Guess it isn't weird I have a lot of dark humor lol.

Well it was really out of comfort to draw this but was fun to challenge myself.

Below the progress.

Step 1: Sketch with pencil

Step 2: Digital sketch

Step 3: Linework

Step 4: Colors and finish

Hope you liked it :D

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Adults sometimes don't realize what kind of impact can certain things have on a fragile mind of a child. I am glad to hear that for you it was more or less just your dark sense of humor ;)

It's interesting that you chose this memory for the contest and I can imagine that it was not easy to draw.

It's very unusual to see 'real' people from you though :)

Good luck with the contest and thank you for sharing!

Have a lovely weekend!

Haha yes :)

Can not remember much from being really young . Don't draw them much but maybe I will try more often ;)

Thank you very much!

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Thanks !

Interesting backstory for this drawing. My first contact with death was at 11 or 12 years old, I can't remember exactly... and it shocked me like hell. I can't imagine what that did to you. 😑

Good luck for the contest!

Thank you @trincowski! The first time is weird indeed...


What's weird is seeing something normal from you XD

Well least you got acquainted with death in a slightly less traumatic way than people usually do so hopefully you're not irrationally terrified of it? O_O Good job on portraying it anyway, this would have been a tough one.

Haha well I had to contain myself not adding a blobby creature in the background XD

Im not terrified of it :)

Thank you it was a challenge but glad I took it :)

I know that you said you drew this out of your comfort zone.... I think you should be out of comfort zone more often then! XD
I like that I can understand what's going on as soon as I see the picture, and to read the writing later that match what you want to convey, it shows that the art works nicely to illustrate the story. The expressions of all the characters are spot on, poor lil Sander ^^.

Thank you very much @scrawly! Yeah I should and I'm slowly trying :)

Aww thank you for kind words I'm glad you like it !

Unfortunelly I am not an artist: in this way I can not partecipate to @ntopaz contest, but I same time I can be a beautiful supporter for the partecipants and their Memories.
Thank you to share your story with us.
Steem on!!

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Thank you for supporting the participants @moncia90! :)