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ntopaz-image-0Well seems the upload button wasn't visible in firefox but I found it and trying out my first post on the website. Whiley Wiggleface volunteered to be the first image so be gentle.

I'm an ntopaz Ubernoob and terrible in reading manuals so forgive me for stupid actions on this website ;)

Ah well here we go!

Oh and thanks to @veryspider for mentioning the website


Cool game where you can earn steem:


click here or the image above (image not created by me but from their website)

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Hi @sanderjansenart! First, we want to welcome you to the community! We can see that this is your second entry and that your style is very unique. Now, as for your work, it makes us happy to see new artists on the platform that make a difference and show fresh content, we love the design and the lines you have achieved (It's not easy to do them, that's why we congratulate you).

Thank you very much for trusting nTOPAZ to share your art.

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Introduction to nTOPAZ · nTOPAZ Posting Guidelines · Guide for CO, CR, and CU

Thank you very much for the kind words! I'm still figuring it out and hope it won't be necessary to crop images in the future. Is it possible to add more images in the blog and make them visible?

I've been familiar with your works long enough to know this was definitely your work without checking out the name. So consistent that I can't imagine you'd draw a different style.


Aww thank you for the kind compliment! I'm trying to develop my techniques so I can develop the style even more :)

Hey Sander, nice to have you joined us :).
The application is still in development so there will be some bugs, but I'm glad that you found your ways around them.
This character looks appropriate enough to be the first image, based on his expression :).


Thank you very much @scrawly! Hahaha yes he's waving to you all! :D

Hey Sander ! Welcome to nTopaz :D I love your style and your uniqueness so much ! Thanks for sharing with us at nTopaz :D :D :D

Any questions, poke me at discord at any time :D


Thank you very much! Haha yes already did lol :D

It's visible on mine after allowing a bunch of scripts but I'm missing random images in general (I don't know why, also missing the summoner images in steem monsters so who knows).

Good website shouldn't require manual anyway. I'm sure you'll find your way around XD


Oh maybe going to check that also you don't have a hover to see info about the button like tag or a link in bottom. Well what I also see is in posts of others is links to images while on busy you see the image itself....

Exactly it's all about usability and logic :)

I've been using @ntopaz for about a couple weeks as well and still not sure I'm doing it right , but the people are amazing and it seems to be a great collection of artists. I LOVE pink and green together.


Happy to hear the community is great :) Can't say I understand much yet and I studied interaction design lol

Hope a lot will improve in the future :)

Thank you very much you made Whiley a bit shy :D


I'm not very 'up on all of it' anyway and I'm not even sure I'm using @ntopaz correctly, but It does seem like a good collection of artists, so, I'll keep using it this way until someone tells me another :)

Welcome! Сool character, great picture. funny Whiley W. dude! hehe :D

Congratulations @sanderjansenart!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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