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Pencil and marker on A4 paper. Created this artwork in 2018. It's about protecting someone from fears and demons. Sometimes we need a hand to go trought it. I think I posted this a year ago with some sketches but can't find it anymore lol

I'm a bit new on nTopaz and can't find a way to add works in progress or sketches. Also the resolution seems a bit weird...

Thank you very much for all the support!

Don't forget to check out my new work I posted yesterday about Flupselblorp :D

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How I love this kind of minimalist art. And here is with a bit of horror. Very nice!

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Thank you! :)

Cutest cute artwork with a strong message behind:) It is true that there some problems with ntopaz but we learn to live with them because the community is very active and supportive. What i do when uploading there is to put one photo and the title and text and then add everything else as an edit to the steemit post:)


Thank you very much! Good to hear the community is great :) yeah I'm trying that too! Thanks for telling :)

Aw, don't be sad little blue eyes, maybe they are laughing WITH you and not AT you :)

Cool piece.


Thank you :)