Sad blob

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Trying to get stuff done today. Some kind of sad blob knocked on the door. Couldn't resist letting him in and take care of it but it's distracting me again to get things done. Damn I'm not some kind of blob care center...

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Hehe dunno why but it resembles a Tongue tasting some cheese

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Hahaha well I can see what you mean lol.

Ah yes, the knock on the door fellow ! I sometimes also make the mistakes of letting them in and they sure can occupy us for hours !!!

He looks like he needs a bit of care time so I hope you looked after him well, cuz it is important to look after these blobbies from time to time because they are signs that we should pay attention to, for our own good... <3

I hope you will still get some things done, though, Sander :)


Yeah they don't seem to get the subtile message that they should leave...

I gave him a big hug and some lunch. But after a while I got a bit tired of the squeezy sounds that really distracted me. He is fine now and look after him once in a while but can't keep him because I already have so many blobbies blobbing around :D

I am sorry but I don't know of any blob center available. They are all overbooked at the moment. 😂


I hate when that happens...Probably blob season or something lol

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