Going outside

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Going outside

The weather was beautiful today here in the Netherlands so I decided to go on a walk with Flupselblorp. He was so excited and never saw him so happy. Most of the time he is in the cellar so going outside was a big adventure.

Now he keeps asking if he could go out tomorrow. Well depends on the weather...Hope the sun shines again.

Created the drawing with wacom today. :)

I was wondering if it's possible to not crop an image in @ntopaz?




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Was there some aspect ratio things in the upload area? Could they be doing it? I don't actually know for sure as I only glanced at it as I got told I should check it out (and it's apparently one of many, many sites that NoScript/ABP/Disconnect apparently cripples XD)

Glad Flupselblorp had a good time outside and that there are more nice days so you can go out again :)


Yeah you have to choose an aspect ratio so I get or cropped or black ugly bars on it. I had a square image so I'm stunned I can't just add that. ..

Yes we went for another walk but too much wind. Now I have to mold him into his normal shape again...


No squares, perhaps you can put in a feature request for that?

I'll probably have less issues as most of my stuff is wallpaper ratio anyway (because I'm lazy) but that's sounding like too many things I can get wrong in the upload stage XD

Oh oops well I guess not having bones could be a problem sometimes XD


I just hope they completely remove the ratio. Art shouldn't be made within boundaries :)

Haha yes he wasn't recognizable anymore I completely freaked out lol

Better blob on the sunscreen.

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Of course don't want to let him burst into flames :)

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Thank you very much!

Very cool and interesting artwork, @sanderjansenart!
Now, please keep the monster away from the drugs... we don't know how he will react! 😅