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I made this drawing in 2015. It is made with pencils on A4 paper. Like usually I just started drawing and can not really remember all the thoughts I had. But I can remember that the title was inspired by the song "Adrift" from the band Cult of Luna.

I really like the result and the flow it has. I decided to keep this one myself and is not for sale. :)

Hope you like it!



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Great leading lines and again some more interesting details you starting to recognize when looking quite a longer time.

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Thank you very much!

I feel at ease when looking at this piece. Smooth flow to the lines. It reminds me of grass gently blowing in the breeze or grass under water flowing back and forth with the currents. :-D


Thank you! Great description I can relate to that :)

Love the flow and the design for the piece, Sander :) You use lines and movements so beautifully in your pieces that the eyes are led on to wander and appreciate the elements of your canvas ! For this one, I feel a kind of 'resignment' of going along, adrift, with a great currents and somehow by going along, ... changing shapes, elongating, and becoming together with others in the journey.... A thoughtful piece. It has reflections on our lives, doesnt it? :) Love your style, Sander!


Thank you so much @veryspider for all your kind words :)