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This is a drawing created with pencil on A4 paper. I made this in 2018 and is one of the many artworks that are on display at Cafe thuis aan de amstel. It's the last week of the exhibition so if you're near Amsterdam don't forget to check it out.

The original is for sale ;)

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Very interesting graphical artwork. A lot of characters there... and the longer you look - the more you see :)

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So lovely, Sander ! Your style is so unique and incredibly wonderful and I still love how each character is slipping and sliding, their faces so expressive and various! That little guy that's sliding into a row of teeth's screaming is captured so well, and the guy that's being thrown into the air.... and the row of little guys just watching on the side ... and that HUGE smiling face, and the dopey guy at the lower left corner.... each of them has a very lovely emotion conveyed on their faces <3 I love it !


Aww thank you for this great and kind comment @veryspider!

I really do love your world @sanderjansenart I can just imagine the voices of the characters talking to themselves, though it sounds like "Simlish" in my head ;) There is always that feel of isolation mixed with hope in your work that I really like.


Thank you so much @donnadavisart! Glad to hear you love my world :)