illuminated darkness

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Buenos días a todos, espero que estén muy bien, y si no lo están les mando muchos abrazos cargados de energía. Hace un par de días estuve de visita en una casa llena de objetos llamativos, y para lo curioso que soy yo me acerqué y tome un par de fotografías a lo que parecía ser una pluma de pavo real según mi percepción, la verdad es que no pregunte, pero por el tamaño lo pude deducir.

Mi perspectiva al mirar estas dos imágenes es que de inmediato se me viene una pregunta a la mente "¿De que lado de la vida estas? Si en la oscuridad donde disfrutas te llena de adrenalina hacer cosas indebidas o de la luz que da espacio al perdón, la humildad, respeto, apacibilidad y entereza por no mirar atrás del daño ni a quien te haya hecho mal alguno.

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Good morning everyone, I hope you are very well, and if you are not I send you many hugs full of energy. A couple of days ago I was visiting a house full of striking objects, and for how curious I am I approached and took a couple of photographs of what seemed to be a peacock feather according to my perception, the truth is that I did not ask, but by the size I could deduce it.

My perspective when looking at these two images is that immediately a question comes to my mind: "What side of life are you on? If in the darkness where you enjoy it fills you with adrenaline to do things wrong or the light that gives space to forgiveness, humility, respect, gentleness and fortitude for not looking back at the damage or whoever has done you wrong.

Parameters of the photographs:
Samsung Galaxy SM- A305G
Local length:
3.92 mm (all)
400 - 500
1/24 s (all)



It's been very long I have not seen any peacock's feather. The color is wonderful. You remind me my childhood. We got to buy peacock's feather from the market and used to do some craft with them.
I am always on the shiny side on my life. :)

It's a pleasure for me to remind you of your childhood, I really love those feathers, it would be good for a beautiful craft. I'm also on the good side, the light, even if they always try to turn me off.

So colorful ~ The color goes deep and deep ~ How harmonized it is ~ Darkness illuminates an art so beautifully ~

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That sounds very poetic. Thank you very much for appreciating my art, I am fascinated by what you have said.

Perfect subject for photography. Excellent

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Un trillon de gracias chicos :) muy amables.

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