Good babies make good Mother😉

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ntopaz-image-0# Good babies make good Mother

A beautiful lady and her baby.
She was fighting the stray dogs to get the bread in her hand for the baby.

A mommy dog and 3 puppies against the mommy monkey and her baby.

It was playful for puppies and her mommy. But I felt it was a life for the monkey. Obviously she has all the powers to jump climb and tree and walls. She was in advantage.
And she was so determined to get the bread.

If puppies were hungry, they would have ate it. But nope. They were just guarding it. And the mommy monkey carrying baby on her tummy, she found the chance and quickly grabbed one.

Here are the other photographys


The above is when she was waiting for the puppies to move a little away from guarding
She quickly jumped down and in a flash she was on the walls again 😊😁

Were the puppies thinking they can climb as easy as she did 😁

Here is one more


Camera Used
Nikon D5300

Remote Village in Karnataka

It was a fun game and lesson for all those who witnessed 😊
Have a great day all 😊

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