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Greetings dear friends who love art!

Just one day until 2018 I want to show you my Christmas drawing, I think it is the only one made for the time, I did it with colored pencils, use different and striking colors that make the drawing look cheerful, it is Santa Claus with a beautiful reindeer and his usual bag of gifts, and apparently has a gift in his bag for Steemit..

I take this opportunity to thank all the communities of this incredible platform for their valuable support, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year..!! Without anything else to say, I hope you like it:


First I make the pencil sketch, I try to cover all the spaces, I did not want it to be simply in the center as I usually do in my other drawings.


Once the sketch is finished, start coloring the face, use brown and skin color, some blue for the eyes and gray for your glasses.


For the beard I did not know whether to leave it like this, or to color it with a white color, and I preferred to color it, I was still thinking about how to give it volume.


It occurred to me to use the gray color to get volume on his beard and not look flat.


I color your little hat, I use red color and to give it volume and texture I use the color black.


Then I color what should be cotton: The sleeves of his suit and the edge of the hat, I use the same technique of the beard, I did not want to just leave them white.


I start coloring the red santa costume, I've got a wonderful texture playing with the different red tones and of course with the color black.


Then I color everything that would be green in his costume, I use different shades of green and a little red and yellow.


I finish all the Santa costume, completing the other details such as pants, buttons, strap. Then I colored Santa's bag, I made it green, because making it red would be lost with the suit.


Then it is the turn for the toys, inside your bag you will find a special gift for Steemit,
you see it?


At this point almost the entire drawing was ready, then I began to think about a suitable background for the drawing, I thought about leaving it like that because I could not think of anything, I did not want to screw up everything I had done so far.


At this point almost the whole drawing was ready, then I began to think about a suitable font for the drawing, I thought about leaving it like that because I could not think of anything, I did not want to roll everything I had done so far, so I put blue chalk, the dysfunction with a cotton and so on.



So I decided, and I put blue chalk on it, I disfluenced it with cotton and it's ready.


Thanks for visiting visit my blog and for all the support

Happy Holidays!!


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The nTopaz Curation Team recognizes your work as being of outstanding quality and an enrichment to our community. We encourage you to use nTopaz again for your artistic creations, and are looking forward to your future posts.

A beautiful Christmas drawing, you coloured this one really well and the deer is adorable looking. Happy holiday Naideth :).

That's great !! I'm glad you liked it, Happy New Year <33

I like it :) ...and I want to know what is in the bag :)))
this bag looks big and full great joy.


I did it and I did not think I could have it inside, so I guess we'll stay with the doubt hahaha
I'm very glad you like it @foxkoit


And you did it fast ... what makes it even more cool :)


After about 6 hours or so it was a complicated job because using colored pencils is not my strong xD but it was great to do it


The more you practice, the better you know these pencils :)
I'm sure that next drawings come also big and more good :)

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk


Thank you for the support @artzone

Love it! Beautiful art! @naideth las textures de pelo y en la ropa son superb. Felices pascuas para ti y los tuyos.

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Muchas gracias amigo ;)


You are welcome!

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Thank you so much for the support @c-squared

It's really beaitiful and I love the step by step process.


Thank you so much @maxijgcomm

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Woow that well, thank you very much for the support @art-venture <33

It is a very nice christmassy drawing of Santa and his reindeer, @naideth ! I really like your step by step explanation as always, Nai <3 And this is a wonderful and timely art for the happy holiday seasons <3


I'm glad you like my drawing @veryspider, a big hug :))