I can't imagine creating art without music

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I have a process where I like to draw images, and stack them up to create new images. Then I like to listen to music and adjust the colors and shape to fit the music I am listening to. That is the easiest way to explain it.

Lately I have been listening to Danny Carey drumming. He is one of my favorite drummers. This is how this final image came to be.

This is the product of my process. It starts with a base design for the background.

I used a blue piece of smooth cardstock with a gold oil marker. I liked the way it came. I usually sell these originals locally so I really cant add to it from this point, however I will take this image and manipulate it to be a darker background that wont overcome the picture I am about to draw.

Perfect. You may notice I inverted the picture as well.

Now I create another image. This time I drew a jellyfish because why not? I have never tried to draw one before and their natural symmetry fits my style.

This works for me! The great thing about metallic markers is that you can bend the paper to change the way the lights reflects off of them from different angles. It looks much nicer in person. The benefit of this is that when I photoshop this jellyfish I will be able to make it very colorful thanks to those light reflections and angles. Also, like the post before, there is nothing I would like to add to this specific drawing. I will be selling this original drawing locally as well.

Now let's photoshop some color into it

That is more like it. However, I think I want to use my other background. To do this I erase the background on this drawing and make the jellyfish a png file

Most of the background is gone. I see some dots but I like them so I will leave them. Naturally, my ADHD makes me wonder what my image would look like if I were to invert the colors on the Jellyfish.

Wow, I kinda like it! However, I dont want two jellyfish so I fight with the decision to choose which one I like best. I was split but ended up going with the gold version because it more closely represents the colors I imagine when I listen to the music.

Now I finally load my background image that I made originally and I past my gold png file Jellyfish right over it. This time though, I erase my name.

Now I need to transform this drawing into a symbol. I basically take a slice of this image like a slice of pie and I mirror that image to create my symbol. I decided for this piece I wanted 11 divisions (or pie slices).

I go through this process a few times trying different slices to see what images they create. Eventually I know it when I find one that fits my style and the music I am listening to.

And this is how I get here! Now that I am done I will order 10 prints to be made and I will sign them in a silver or gold pen and send them off to whoever orders them. Sometimes I dont sell any but sometimes I sell all of my prints. However, I was told that if I continue to pursue this path I should always control the amount of prints that are sold so the number I stuck with was 10!

If you like my art i would appreciate it if you stumbled across my Instagram page where I post much of my work!


I always appreciate knowing who came from Steem. If you took the time reading all this, I appreciate you for following along in my crazy head.



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