Pen Portrait Drawing Series #003 - Using Cross To Shade

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I am used to shading with diagonal strokes but I challenged myself to use the small cross signs to shade (create forms). It was very tough and time-wasting but I persisted.


My hand wasn't flowing well which caused my fingers and wrist to start itching me. I had to stop at some point to stretch my finger's hand before resuming the drawing again.

At the very end, I was the one who smiled last.


By making 7 horizontal lines, the drawing has begun. These lines served as a guide to where the features of his face will be placed.

Here I focused on the eyes, nose, and mouth using those line. Every form was created with a combination of several strokes in the form of a cross.

As I progressed, my hand got accustomed to it. I calmed down to finish it off.
final shot

Thank you for stopping by and supporting my art.

Quote of the day:

Talent is a gift from God, what you do with it is a gift to humanit.

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Oh wow....ballpoint pen, you can not erase...! You better succeed at first time 😃
Great portrait ^_^

That is truth. You can't erase! I am always careful not to make any mistake even though I draw like I'm using pencil. Whenever I make a mistake, I use it as a design.

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You are doing very well, friend, by experimenting with different techniques you are perfecting your art, good work

Yea, it's good to accept challenges and try new things.
Thanks for stopping by.

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