Watching You - Light And Shadow Effect

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This piece depicts the light and shade effect. The light appers to be coming from the right angle. Other areas where high light didnt fall on were depicted with mid tones and shades.

No crime in exploring different ways of drawing. This time I use lines that are visible to make my drawing. Cross hatching for the background and hatching/vertical lines for her face and body.

Here is my first shot

The finished piece


Niceee!!! <3 <3 <3 really good portrait done with ballpen, 🎨⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Thank you.

Thanks for the support.

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Hi Max, you are right this time it is different effect in compare to the scribbles, somehow looking at this drawing the straight lines give an impression of calm atmosphere and a touch of fragility softness to the character. Maybe like a flowing water. Especially when it goes over to hair texture. Nicely showed the building up the intensity of values with places the lines closer and another way around giving some space between gives an impressive of highlight.It is an important skill to have a good eye to be able all that tricks in order to build up good natural portrait.

Yeah you are absolutely righ. It is partinent to have a good observation in order to get a job well done especially when it comes to making it look more realistic.

Thank you for taking time to observe and comment on my piece. I really appreciate.

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Great illustration!

Excellent work my friend, your portrait looks artistic and you see the work done in the strokes of the work, this technique with the blue pen is novel and breaks the schemes that we are used to seeing, keep going.

Wow! Yeah I love exploring and trying out different techniques and patterns.
It makes me understand how they work and get better.
Thanks for the encouraging word.

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I like the messy style in the lines @maxwellmarcusart, you worked well the theme of the different tones with the ballpen to achieve the effect of light and shadows in your work.

Incredible composition, unusual but in my opinion an excellent work of art. <3 <3 <3

Every stroke/line has a destination. They combine together create meaning for the sight.

Thank you.

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What a piercing look the girl has! : )

Yeah, it's an intense look.

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