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Hello friends ♥😊
Today I want to paint a painting of nature and birds with coffee. I am very interested in nature.
I used to paint the poster, coffee, spoon, and wooden pen.
In the step1 I always use coffee and my base color is in the paintings.
Coffee is delicious and somewhat difficult, but the end is always beautiful.
Hope you like this painting friends.😊

Video Link

🎥Coffee Painting Video with"marya"🎥The Process of Coffee ☕ & Poster color Painting in 80 minutes(hummingbird)


It's a beautiful bird.
I like how you have done the feathers of the bird is seen as degraded also the contrast of coffee with those nice leaves and flowers a touch of color to the work.

The mixture of coffee base with some colors added brings even some more mood into final result

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Hola, los dibujos sobre aves siempre me han llamado la atención, acá en Venezuela llamamos a ese pájaro "Tucusito" y está vinculado a lo lindo y lo bello de la vida ene special a los sentimientos relacionados al amor, a veces le sacan el corozón para hacer pósimas o brebajes para atraer a la persona amada. Gracias te quedó muy bueno. Un abrazo desde Venezuela.

What a beautiful work, @marya77. Thanks for sharing!

How's life going, over there? Hope everything is well with you guys.

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