Handmade monstera bag

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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3ntopaz-image-4ntopaz-image-5ntopaz-image-6Hello :)
This is my first bum bag. And for the first time I sewed something of the washpapa. Washpapa is washable kraft paper, looks and feel in touch like leather. It is perfect for washing – it does not deform, it does not discolor or dissolve in water. I made a bum bag of washpapa, and then painted leaves on it using acrylic paint.


Wow it's very cute! I'm happy you share your beautiful craft with us! 💎 Thanks for showing us the process!

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Ok, I just did it. Thank you for your invitation and these kind words @smeralda

Wow... REALLY NICE WORK! You should check out @homesteaderscoop for a great place to sell original hand made things.... it's a really creative steem community project.

Wow, thank you for this information. I checked @homesteaderscoop and it looks very interesting, I think I will join it soon ;)

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Such a pretty beltbag :D I love the large leave that you painted on this bag :) The colours and forms of the leaves are very lovely ! I think people would love to have such a pretty bags :) Washpapa sounds like a wonderful material to work with, for such a wearable item :D Wonderful craft, @martist <3

I am so glad that you think so @veryspider. Thank you for these kind words! ;)

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I hated those when I was a child. They all looked so ugly and I had to wear it as my mom was concerned that someone would steal my keys/money or whatever I had with me. I was avoiding them for a long time. Nowadays, I still see a few people wearing those but they are still so ugly. Yours is different! I can even imagine taking it with me on vacation. It's stylish, modern and cool!

Have fun with it! Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

Hahaha yes, I understand you. When I was a child, I thought they were worn only by marketers and they had money in it.Now I know that they are very comfortable, for example for riding a bike, on roller skates or for a concert ;)
I am so glad that you like my bum bag! <3

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It s a beautiful bum bag!

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