[CO] AUTUMN SCENERY: An autumn welcome

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Autumn in Melbourne, Australia usually starts in March before the winter in June. On the way to a winery during a chilly April month, dark clouds were looming over the cheery bright red autumn leaves. It was a quiet road and the trees were lined up orderly on both sides of the road, greeting and welcoming us warmly as we entered the winery.

This shot was taken using my old Canon Digital IXUS 970 IS, focal length 6.6, exposure time 1/200, brightened using Canva.

This is my entry to @ntopaz's AUTUMN SCENERY.



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Mucho gracias!!

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Que hermoso el color de las hojas dos tonos que increíble es la naturaleza, que cada árbol es diferente desde la forma de las hojas, tronco, aroma, color, todo...

Sí, la naturaleza es hermosa, ¿no? :) Gracias!

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