The first melody - An old piano song of @lyon89

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This is one of my first compositions, I remember doing it when I was a teenager, many years ago, when I started working with my favorite music software, FL STUDIO. The first melody, I hope you enjoy it.

Esta es una de mis primeras composiciones, recuerdo haberlo hecho cuando era un adolescente, hace muchos años, cuando comencé a trabajar con mi software de música favorito, FL STUDIO. THE FIRST MELODY, espero que la disfruten.

Lyon89 (16).gif

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It's a great composition, not to mention it's made by a teenager.

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Thanks for listening <3

It really nice composition, like someone walking through a train station and living in a beautiful village. sounds joyful, just like life.

By the way, I upload my cover song "The Mountain Friary"It is a Chinese song, I am not sure If you are interested in it, but I am willing to receive the suggestion about the song.
Hope this will not disturb you.

Thanks for listening @ladyalkaid<3