My drawing of WILL SMITH

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ntopaz-image-0Happy sunday guyz, this is a work i decided to share with you all today, it's a drawing of one of my favourite hollywood actor, i have followed most of his movies right from the first day i watched one of his movies. Here are some of his movies

  • The pursit of happyness
  • I am Legend
  • Men in black etc.
    He his happily married to Jada pinkett smith and has children, jada pinkett is also a popular hollywood actress.


The size of this work is

Finished work


materials i used are

-Charcoal and graphite pencil on glossy paper
-kneaded eraser
-tortillion / cotton bud or tissue paper
-artist brush

here are some shots











Shot 6


shot 7


Shot 8


Thanks for viewing my post hoping to see you again

please follow my blog to see more works from me

please UPVOTE and also help me RESTEEM 😄

I remain my Humble self guchidan

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It is a great honor for me to see a Will Smith's portrait in this ntopaz channel ^^ It is a different feeling between the real Will and Will of portrait. You used a charcoal and graphite pencil. So the mood of this is reminiscent and memorable of something. Pencil added the mood more deeper. Thank you for your work. Wanna see your next work ~~~~

Thanks so much, for those kind words more works droping soon.🙌🙌

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Very nicely done - keep up the good work :)

Thanks dear i will 😊😊

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Thanks for sharing another cool portrait work, sir. Well done!

Please come check the results from my Art Curation Initiative #10 where you finished in one of the top places.


Meanwhile, I've talked with the SBI team on Discord and your lost SBI shares from @guchidan were moved to your new account. 😁

Woah this looks absolutely amazing, great work dude.

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Thanks so much engineer @shaheerbari

Your clearly very talented you should design logos for steem members on Steemit for a service charge mate paid in Steem backed dollars and or steem, you'd probably do very well.

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Thanks for the advice, well i haven't considered going into LOGO designing though but lets see what the future holds