Fallen Angel, handcut collage 70/50cm.

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fallen angela.jpg

An old artwork from the Baroque period created with my stained glass technique. The figure was inspired of, John the Baptist by Caravaggio.

fallen angelaaaa.jpg

Again the bright red dominates the artwork accompanied by a a leathery brown for the seep and fleshy tone for the face and body. For the background i chose a set from the amazing engravings of Gustav Dore inverted and gave them a blue tone to imitate a glass effect. Caravaggio's paintings was a huge exercise for me, trying to dissect the figure in the basic lines and then to find the appropriate pieces to fit but also create a beautiful result.

The gradient coloured prints i used.

red newa.jpg

brown 1.jpg

I had a lot of fun cutting the gradient coloured prints and testing to find the perfect highlights and shadows. I was cutting and gluing the paper pieces with a stick glue one after another on a black hardboard. Checking regularly to see the progress in my dark studio i had the pleasure of seeing the figure materializing from a darkness piece by piece, changing all the time while the dark background complimented the half finished figure in an enchanting way. I am always tempted to leave the background black but i believe it would look unfinished in my eye

fallen angelaa.jpg

fallen angelaaa.jpg

I visualized little John as a fallen angel but he could certainly go for a wingless Cupid with one big arrow. Only one shoot for him:) Happy Valentine's day:)

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[nTopaz Curator]

Really nice artwork @georgeboya!! 🔥🎨 love the mosaic with all those pieces, almost looks like a medieval stained glass 😁

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Thank you so much @melooo82:) This was the idea from the start, i am so glad i see it recognised and appreciated:)

I love the way you have renewed a classical concept @georgeboya in your unique style. It's very creative and impressive

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Thank you so much @livvu 😊 I made a lot of classical inspired artworks at my earlier years.

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Incredibly striking and vibrant collaged piece @georgeboya. I particularly like the drawing in the background of Little John as Cupid and then the group of angels directly behind. It would make the subject of a piece in itself.


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Thank you so much @allyinspirit😊 I love vibrant and striking colours. The angels are from Paradice set of engravings by Gustav Dore.

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Thank you for the support @artturtle:)

Your stylistic choice definitely feels almost like a layout for stained glass production. I like the limited palette.


Thank you very much @momzillanc:) The idea was to create a stained glass artwork but instead of using pieces of glass, use pieces of photos with bright colours:)

Beautiful artwork ! I have resteemed and upvoted it from my FineArtNow Project ! The Idea of this blog is to bring creative people and art enthusiasts together and to increase the reach of Steemit - Artists ! See you soon !


Thank you for the support @fineartnow:)

Really beautiful and skilled, like all your work. My first thought was "stained glass", just to find that in the text, the very next moment.

Interesting process too, thank you for showing the original materials (prints) you used. I did stained glass work and your results with using the gradients is coming amazingly close. Bravo!


Oh, thank you so much:) I thought the materials give a better understanding of the artwork, They are quite the same pattern for most of the artworks of this series, only vary in colour. I never did stained glass work, it is too expensive and need a lot of space and tools. What i did learn after years from a client who studied at France was that a similar technique was used by the old masters of the craft to create a preview of the window artwork. Instead of paper they used coloured fabric which was very easy to give shape and choose the colouring. I was very happy that my artwork has such a strong connection with the past:)

I really loved this one and had to share it!

Have you ever interpreted your work into real stained glass? I've always meant to take a stained glass course, but it never fit into my life as of yet, maybe one day.


I am very happy that you like it Donna 😊 I naver made a stained glass artwork, I love them but it is very expensive and you need heavy tools. But I based my earliest designs on patterns that were intended for stained glass artworks. 😊

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