Original Character - Warrior

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ntopaz-image-0Hello everyone, recently I shared here the lineart of an illustration I was working on, based on one of my old drawings, I finally finished it and I want to share it with you.

Both the lineart and the painting are made in photoshop, the first thing I did was add the base colors, with a basic brush, the color palette is based on the original illustration I did previously with watercolors, but I added a golden tone too.

To add depth to the colors in the armor I used a basic brush with 0 opacity, alternating between light and dark tones, and for the glitters a thin brush with white color.
for the details of the hair use the same thin brush in blond and white tones, and then with a basic brush in low opacity add the most notorious areas of brightness with white.

To add more depth to the background add some shadows that simulate mountains and add small brushstrokes in a brighter red over some parts of the clouds.

To improve the finish of the illustration and to better integrate the elements, I added a layer in lighten mode in red and black tones.

I hope you like it <3
Thanks for the support! <3
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Cool character. I like her weapon.


The nTopaz Curation Team recognizes your work as being of outstanding quality and an enrichment to our community. We encourage you to use nTopaz again for your artistic creations, and are looking forward to your future posts.

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[nTopaz Curator]

Nice character design @genyway!!! 🙌 💎💎💎.

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You created a beautiful painting of this warrior. I like how you painted her, and the two skeletons nearby :).

Ooooh, nice original character! I like how you did the hair and the swirly sword :> So cool ~

Your character has incredible hair and with that sword and the skulls on the ground you have to fear him. ;)

Incredible your work @genyway, I loved everything, especially the armor and the golden color. <3 <3 <3