Looks can be absolutely deceiving!

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I fell in love with cheesecake after having the "Ultimate red velvet cheese cake" from Cheesecake factory. I craved for a good cheesecake in Pune and went on a cheesecake hunt. That is how I came across this bakery. The muffins and tarts all looked so good through the window, seemed fresh too.

I ordered one from each, a chocolate muffin, a tart and a cheesecake. First bite into the chocolate muffin and I realized the deception! It tasted so bad, the worst to be honest. I have had food/snacks that doesn't taste good but this one was a whole new level bad. But they looked amazing. Needless to say about the tart and cheesecake. Cheesecake was salty and I tried everything to get that taste out of my mouth. I felt sorry for my friend who joined me to find out the best cheesecake in Pune and ended up tasting the worst one.

Moral of the incident: The real beauty is the quality that resides inside and not the pleasing, eyecatching outside. (Yaay, I feel like a grandma teaching the kids :P)

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