Witches Love for her Familiars for contest

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ntopaz-image-0A bit of my drawing for @ntopaz "bit of love" contest

What better love than a Witch for her familiars?


Having been insanely busy of late, I shall let my hard work drawing speak for itself.

Giving myself some morning Art Time again was good.

I was able to create a sketch in my Witch series with the prompt of 'bit of love' fitting in nicely with @ntopaz contest.

Having been too busy to post and comment of late has been rather disheartening, but we do what we must.

I hope all out there are enjoying their Spring/Autumn and getting some good ME time.

Don't forget to show a 'bit of love' to someone even if that someone is furry and can't speak

Fun little gif of layers.

As always, if you feel so inclined, upvote, resteem, and by all means comment.

My Previous Post: A New Black and White from a previous sketch study Balancing Act

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Glad to see a bit of arting rejuvenates you a little, Donna :)

And yes, pets are companions, and they love us unconditionally so I always try to love them as hard as I can in return, as well !

The picture is very lovely, I really like the feet of the witch, you draw the pose and the toes so nicely :)

Thanks @veryspider I promised myself yesterday to have some art time in the morning. I'm trying to get a bit of 'commenting time' this morning, but then I'm off. I have to pick up a dishwasher at the store and head over to my cottage, today is plumbing there and starting to landscape a bit... it's a very busy Spring this year.

Fabulous drawing!
One of my favourite spell casting paintings is The Magic Circle, by John WIlliam Waterhouse.

So nice artwork! I love the charcters there and I agree with you: What better love than a Witch for her familiars? ^_^

Hope to see one day all those pretty witches of yours in some book. Hope that some editor will be smart enough to make them published or used for some good book.
And looks like we are having the same time issues dear. Time is something I am lacking constantly, no to mention having any for painting.
Waving to you from this side of the globe :) <3

Waving back @jungwatercolor yes so busy. I've extra things on my plate this year, but what can you do?

I've thought of trying to think of a narrative way to collect up my black and white witches, but again, time. I'd be wonderful if someone else wanted to do it, eh?

Hope someone will get inspired with your drawings and make some story :)

I hope its been things you want to be busy with that has been keeping you busy, but glad you found some time for this wonderful piece of art

Well, not really @tattoodjay mostly getting things done, but part of it has been pushing me to do more gardening to get Toad Hall a bit more 'ship shape' for some possible Summer lets so that has at least been fun. I've felt okay to spend some on more plants than normal as I know it's sort of 'business expense' so that has been the good in the bad :) How are you? I've been so lax in commenting?

I am sure you will have Toad hall looking great for summer :) and as you say its business related work so thats good i thinkI am doing fairly good thanks :)

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

I've obviously not been around to see all your lovely art, but know you are working hard at getting Toad Hall ready, too. I love your witchy art. Haven't upvoted (I haven't actually had time to read one post from any of the steemians I follow since losing Moxie!!) so I wasn't sure it would do anything here! haha
Keep up the good work of getting it all done: art, life, construction, ...sanity?? ;)