Night Leaf - Art of Light

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Hello everyone!

This is my new entry for the Art of Light Contest. For more info, visit @livvu and @ntopaz blog.

Photo by smartphone

by davidesimoncini

Location: Along the Road, in Marina di Massa (Tuscany, Italy)

I took this shot few days ago, while I was walking to return home. it was almost dinner time and I was trying to hurry up when I saw this leaf and I stopped. It was under the light of a street lamp. In this period, the leaves are a mainstream subject but I still wanted to immortalise it.

With the photo I realized 3 different pics. The main: a color image where I increased the lights and applied a reddish tone vignetting.

The other ones are fantasy monochromes pics. I wanted to indulge my self, I hope you like them.

To the next!

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