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Welcome back to my NextColony Art Studio,
where I challenged myself to give you one new Planet every Day!

The countdown toward NextColonies big Update "the Yamato Module" is ticking.

Yamato starts on
November 15, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

The Hype is real and the first phase of the Update already started.
You can now sacrifice Planets for Stardust, Respawn you Alpha Planet into undiscovered Spaces and find rewards on your explorations.

Red more in: Phase 1 begins now

In addition to my mandatory work for the Update, we want to give you more Planets to explore.

Publishing one new Planet every day will result in 2 whole Planet sets that you will get with the upcoming Update " The Yamato Module"

Each set contains 15 Planetes

There are 5 types of Planets


And 4 Rarities


(I also work on 5 brand new Legendarys.)

Let's take a closer look at the new Rare Atmosphere Planet.


This Huge Marble is a Planet where you want to do your vacations. It has an super continent called "Utopia" with many tropical islands and lagoons. The flora and fauna is versatile and invites to be explored. His three ice moons are drawing semicircle lines on the sky.

Stay tuned

See you in

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100 % Effort and Passion !


100 % Power up!



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Stay Creative!

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Very cool @bronkong!!! 😀 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Thank you! :)

Ich kann mir nich helfen, ich präferiere nach wie vor die rohen Planeten. Aber in diesem Fall sind die Extras wirklich überzeugend und schlüssig.

Man kann den Planeten deine Tagesform entnehmen. Du erzählst eine Geschichte, ob du willst oder nicht. Herrlich. :D

Du pusht mich immer mein bestes zu geben Oli! Das war nun der letzte Planet des Sets und das Nächste hat wieder ein neues thema mit den du vllt besser warm wirst ;)

Wenn ich zu feste drücke, musste es eben sagen. (:
Es verbirgt sich halt so viel, das ist verlockend.

Nee alles gut wie gesagt das pusht mich!

Utopia Nice name for this beautiful planet 🌏.

Hope you work on the legendary I‘ll find in the next few days 😎

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This would be so cool when someone finds the first legendary!

It would be even more cool if it would be me 😎😂

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