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Welcome back to my NextColony Art Studio.

One Planet a day challenge will be extended and goes into the next round.

"one planet a day challenge"

I will post one planet every day for the next week's. Every time I finish 15 planets (which is one planet set) this set will be implemented into game and you will then be able to explore all new planets in NextColony

Set 10 hasn't been implemented yet but will be very soon:



I have now started working on the Planet Set 11. This set is called "Marbles".

Today I finished my work on the new "Uncommon Coal Planet"


Hope you like it.

Please feel free to share your ideas for planet designs down in the comments section.

I will reward it with some Stardust ;)

Stay tuned


See you in

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Stay Creative!


Great Artwork!!! 😀 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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these are beautiful! I love the marbles

could you try designing one that looks like its covered in a very brightly coloured fungus....super organic and phosphorescent looking, maybe covering a far-duller or darker surface like rock or black sand maybe

This sounds like a cool idea! I can imagine this for uranium planet. Thank you for your suggestion @basilmarples 👍

nice! i don't know if youve done one with lots of rivers yet? That would be cool too... rivers of lava or ice maybe? Or just deep empty canyons.... Its exciting! I love the finishes youre getting on them

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