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Welcome back to my NextColony Art Studio,
where I challenged myself to give you one new Planet every Day!

The countdown toward NextColonies big Update "the Yamato Module" is ticking.

Yamato starts on
November 15, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

And the first phase of it already started.
You can now sacrifice Planets for Stardust, Respawn you Alpha Planet into undiscovered Spaces and find rewards on your explorations.

Red more in: Phase 1 begins now

In addition to my mandatory work for the Update, we want to give you more Planets to explore.

Publishing one new Planet every day will result in 2 whole Planet sets that you will get with the upcoming Update " The Yamato Module"

Each set contains 15 Planetes

There are 5 types of Planets


And 4 Rarities


(I also work on 5 brand new Legendarys.)

Let's jump into today's Uncommon AtmospherePlanet.


This blue Atmosphere Planet has very similar themperatures to our home Planet the Earth but it has two orbiting moons. The continents are flood daily by this forces and creating thousands of islands but nature and organisms on this planets live in symbiosis with this with the tides.

Stay tuned

See you in

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100 % Effort and Passion !


100 % Power up!



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Stay Creative!

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