Stop The Light - Welding Glass Photography

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I Shot This Photo ..
Using a piece of welding glass rubber banded to the front of my camera lens. Check out the excerpt from an older post below. It's pretty easy to do and after your all set up with the tripod, you can mess around quite a bit to get some pretty cool shots. I am calling this one, 'Stop The Light'. Stopping the light because my hand is was literally trying to stop the light from making it to the lens. Came out pretty cool I think, but you be the judge.

Camera: Canon Rebel EOS T1i
ISO: 1600
Shutter Speed: 15 sec
Fstop: f4
Focal Length: 43mm

Here Is An Excerpt From One Of My Older Posts, When I Used The Exact Same Techniques ..

Steemit Link To See Photos

So, How Did I Do It??

This is the piece of welding glass...


You position it like so. It should be completely covering the lens...


Then you will use a few rubber bands to hold the sucker in place...


Wrap them securely to two points above and below the lens...


I used the flash connection. I won't use it for this process anyhow...


At the bottom of the camera, I used the bracket for my tripod which I leave on...


After this point you are all set! Have fun taking some slow shutter speed shots. Definitely you'll be using a tripod, unless you have the arm of a manikin :-O . haha.

I played around with it shooting stuff indoors and out. I used a remote handheld shutter release, so its easy to click down and hold the shutter open for as long as i want to, or slide the switch up and keep it open for several minutes. Your going to have a lot of adjusting to do before you get the frame right. It's too dark to see what you have in the frame by just looking through the eye piece. You can always set it all up first then place the glass over the lens. I tried both ways. They both worked for me.

For the shots above, I already had the set-up I wanted in place. I was shooting lots of different items in the same location. I'll show more of them later possibly in a series.. maybe I'll call it "The Welding Glass Series". Sounds good to me.

Hope you give this a try. Let me know if you do so I can check out your creations.


Happy Photographing!


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Not so easy technique, but stunning result indeed

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