Dreams of Peace /// Sogni di Pace

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Dreams of Pace

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oil and pastels on paper with pen writing

With this work I participate in the Fantasy contest of @ntopaz.
It is an oil painting and pastels on paper, with pen writing.
I hope you enjoy.

Women are superior beings.
I believe that we males know that they have inherited in them, the gift of creation, of motherhood.
They are generators of life, and they have surprising analogies with water and like water they have inside a magical and unique substance: birth.

The logical consequence is supported by anthropologists is that the woman is a bearer of peace.

It is unthinkable, in fact, that a being that generates new life can by attitude and behavioral tendencies have violent and warlike attitudes.

This the Greeks knew him well and associate some goddesses with protective forms for all men.
For example, Athena was the divinity of the intellectual qualities and of the female arts, to which the boys also turned.
Athena (Minerva for the Romans) was also the goddess who administered justice and this makes us understand how important the role of this deity could be.

Hoping we men, that women can become administrators of Peace and Justice, I greet you with a hug of peace.


I share a short video where I use white to enliven some light points.

Le donne, sono esseri superiori.
Credo che noi maschi sappiamo che hanno insito in loro, il dono della creazione, della maternità.
Sono generatrici di vita, ed hanno analogie sorprendenti con l'acqua e come l'acqua hanno dentro una sostanza magica ed unica: la nascita.

La conseguenza logica è suffragata dagli antropologi è quella che la donna è portatrice di pace.

Non è pensabile, infatti che un essere che generi nuova vita possa per indole e tendenze comportamentali avere atteggiamenti violenti e bellicosi.

Questo i greci lo conoscevano bene e associano alcune dee a forme protettive per tutti gli uomini.
Ad esempio Atena, era la divinità delle qualità intellettuali e delle arti femminili, alla quale si rivolgevano anche i maschietti.
Atena ( Minerva per i romani) era anche la dea che amministrava la giustizia e questo ci fa comprendere quanto potesse essere importante il ruolo di questa divinità.

Auspicando noi uomini, che le donne possano diventare delle amministratrici di Pace e Giustizia vi saluto con un abbraccio di pace.

Con questo lavoro partecipo al contest Fantasy di @ntopaz.
Si tratta di un dipinto ad olio e pastelli su carta, con scritte a penna.
Spero che vi piaccia.

separatore 2.jpg

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Wise words coming from a wise man. I was so pleased to read it and I wish that more men would realize these facts about women. I think we are all independent being and we should respect each other.

Beautiful painting.. I like that blue flow, it makes me think of life. And I also enjoy that dynamic background. Your painting represent everything what you mentioned in your post.

Thank you for sharing Armando and have a great weekend!


thank very much for your nice comment a great weekend you too @delishtreats

[nTopaz Curator]

Beautiful symbolism you have infused into your art @armandosodano.

'The stream of life' running through her heart also takes on the form of a female figure. I don't know if it was intended but the head, the beginning of the stream ~ As an egg shape, symbolizes the creation story just in itself.

It was so inspiring to watch the video and see you applying the white highlights. Thanks so much for sharing. Resteemed.


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thank you for your insighful comment @allyinspirit you have hit the theme! Brava!

Piero Della Francesca

Women are superior beings.

... and they have a superior way of annoying men! So superior we keep loving them nevertheless! :-D

Great post, Armando! Lovely artwork!

citando Walt Disney "se puoi sognarlo puoi farlo" siamo a metà dell'opera :-)
Un vero piacere guardare il video grazie


grazie Pab noi sogniamo a colori.

Parole saggie e giuste, caro Armando, infatti i crimini più efferati sono nella stragrandissima maggioranza commessi da uomini, e poi, in fondo, che vita sarebbe senza le donne??


Sono meravigliose! Loro...

Amazing!!! @armandosodano, as a woman I am flattered by your publication and I thank you for thinking like that, about us women, it would be good if all men thought like you so that the mistreatment of women ends.

This world for many decades has been ruled by men, I think it's good, now it's women's turn... so men, get ready! XD

Thank you @armandosodano for participating in the contest, and show us beautiful painting. ;)


In Italy we have serious problems against the mistreatment of women, they are little protected by Italian law.
A big hug. @yanes94


Oh! I'm sorry to hear that, I hope that those who rule in your country can make a change on that and the mistreatment ends.
It is not because I am a woman, but I believe that women are very valuable without it there will be no lives in the future and it is unforgivable that they mistreat them.

It's so beautiful. I love it.


thank you very much @arwine

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Contraccambio con gioia l’abbraccio di pace. 🤗

In bocca al lupo 🍀 per il contest, Armando!

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Grazie caro W il lupo!