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Greetings friends!

Today I bring you a portrait of the Italian Diva Monica Bellucci, she is a model and actress, who at 54 years of age, radiates beauty and elegance natural.


I hope you like it!

1 white sheet A2- 2H, HB y 2B graphite pencil- Erase-Sharpener.

Drawing process

1. Make the sketch of the drawing in graphite pencil 2H.

paso1 modified.jpg

2. Apply shadows with graphite pencils HB and 2B.


Drawing step by step

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Verga, te quedo buenisimo esta


Gracias, mi panita! ;)

capturastes al personaje, muy bien amiga. sigue adelante siempre tus dibujos nos regalan alegría.


Gracias por tu hermoso comentario!!!


Thank you dear!!!

OMG!!! your are AWSOME!!!