Naija Pidgin Challenge: Creed of life

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The absolutely phenomenal Funke Akindele, or as we Nigerians know her "Jenifa".
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I believe say all man and woman get right make them see them, hear them and love them.

I believe say all man and woman dey equal.

I believe say d world big reach for all man and woman to stay well.
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I believe say all man and woman get beta sense for at least one thing for life.

I believe say all man and woman dey special and unique.

I believe say all man and woman get animal and better person inside dia body. So I go use all my power try control d animal wey dey my body and ginger d better person make hin no hide for inside me.
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I believe say Oyibo or country people, wetin people dey worship or even people level for society na just wetin some people make so dem fit control other people, make tins dey hard and make people feel like small pikin. I don decide to choose to be human being first before I reason skin colour, religion or biggness.

I don decide to dey do people d way I go like make dem do me.
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I no go dey reason people based on who dem be but instead I go reason dem based on who I go like dem to become.

I no go put body for any hustle wey go do bad tin to another person.
I go use all my power to understand people and not judge dia matter just like that.

I no go let envy, jealousy and greed control d tins wey i wan achieve.

I go achieve the leanest one tin wey go help my fellow man before I kpai.

I go use all my power, try stay gidiba when things no dey go well for me.

I no go allow fear shuk me for ground.

I no go allow any negative thought dey my mind; I go instead, shuk peaceful and things weydey make sense sharp sharp because I know sey "thoughts get power"

I go always remain my very self and no go copy any person.

I believe say I fit change tins if I shuk all my power for the mata.

I believe say this life na travel, no be race, so I no go allow myself compete wit anybody.

I believe say peace go well.

I believe say helping people na d baba.

I believe say forgiveness na d oga.

I believe say love na d chairman.

I believe say mercy na d boss.

I believe say justice for everyone na d way.

I believe say na d human race win am.
I don decide from this day to flex life and not just sidorn for one corner.

Me Gilgal go obey dis creed for d remaining time baba God give me for dis life.
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@ogoowinner you don do well for this thing, i respect u.

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