Restless Natives - For Real, Forever (Skaarl`s Deep Sleep Mix) by Skaarl

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Restless Natives - For Real, Forever (Skaarl`s Deep Sleep Mix)  by Skaarl

For Real, Forever ! - Skaarl's Deep Sleep Remix

“This remix comes from Skaarl who has a reputation for producing quality tracks and remixes and he doesn't disappoint with this version. “

This is a remix of 'For Real, Forever!' I did for Restless Natives, trying to keep it on a housey kind of vibe, part 90’s as well as some more modern elements to it. I created a new bassline, but may have over cooked the sub bass slightly, I had overloaded the low EQs on the mixing desk a little, but really liked the warmth I got from those Allen & Heath EQs, so I kept it in even though it’s a little bit rumbly when played through a bass cab. The original vocal sounded pretty cool, so kept as much of that in as I could. I also redid the drums changing them to a TR-707 kit, added some extra percs, chord stabs and a pan flute type of pad to give it a kind of 90’s Renaissance vibe towards the end.

Release date
1 June 2019

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More about Skaarl:

All types of music appeal to me, particularly the more relaxed genres - chillout, ambient, downtempo, trip hop, jazz, latin, IDM, etc. Usually I will create downtempo electronic tracks, although I go through phases where it gets a bit more upbeat, just whatever I happen to be feeling at the time.

Back in 2019, continuing working with other artists, creating several remixes for Juxta, as well as collaborating with winkandwoo on Daybreak. Member of the EMA collective, Blocktronika, and have been part the ACR community for several years.

“Skaarl is not only a great artist but very supportive of others on the platform, top bloke” - The Turtle Project

“Skaarl is a Cool Cat and a great musician. He pulls great heavy driving music out of his pocket and slaps you. Soft at 1st. His track ‘I Fear The Robots’ with Juxta says it all.” - wav-Dr.

“Skaarl has affectionately acquired various nicknames in the first couple of months in EMA but the main ones we refer to him as are “Trouser Man”, “Señor Trouser Man” and “Don Skaarlioni”! We’re surprised he doesn’t mention this in his bio below but we’ll leave it up to the man himself to tell you more!” - EMA
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brilliantly done mate :)

Cheers mate, although I had some good sounds to work with 😃

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