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As I've said in one of my last posts. Today it has been an entire week that I've been without the internet access services of my main landline ADSL ISP. Therefore, I've not been able to enjoy the steemit experience same as before to share my liquid musical drops everywhere during these quiet days.

Though, that sad fact gave me the chance to check again through the plethora of folders of my HDs looking for some files that would uplift and heal my mood a bit while coding some stuff awaiting that my ADSL internet service works again.

Still nothing as glorious and lucky so far. But I've been listening a great deal of superb musical tracks that indeed effected my mood positively all this time. And I thought to share these now with you to see if these may have the same effect in you. :)

Atmospheric Drum Bass mix 2011

zyon base - the wire
brother - second time around
00:04:16 (kjell -- calmante)
00:05:50 (hobzee + zyon base -- unspoken)
00:06:11 (brother - junction)
00:07:02 (nusense - in your eyes)
00:09:57 (Eveson - Good Times)
00:14:07 (squash - brain train (brother remix))
00:17:20 (Bal - Venus In Furs)
00:20:18 (Future Engineers - KOSMOS001)
00:22:03 (Blu Mar Ten - All Over Again (Sabre Remix))
00:24:42 (Commix - Japanese Electronics)
00:28:14 (Calibre - What to do with these times)
00:29:16 (Calibre feat. DRS - Movin)
00:30:37 (Utah Jazz - Leap of faith)
00:33:00 (Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 - Strike Back)
00:36:14 (Commix - Painted Smile)***
00:39:40 (Alix Perez & Zero Tolerance - Anyone But You)
00:40:00 (???) incorrect playlist
00:40:30 (Bal - Venus In Furs (remix))
00:41:45 (??? just say ???)
00:45:22 (Electro Soul System - Sing)
00:47:40 (Mutt - Kush Talk)
00:51:15 (Alix Perez - Resolution)
00:54:25 (D-Bridge -? The Haven)
00:55:30 (Eveson - Simply)
00:57:20 (Spectrasoul - How Strange)

Alix Perez & Zero Tolerance - Threads
Zero T - Not This Time
Eveson - Machines
Calibre - Sok It To Em
Eveson - Spirit Song
Redeyes - The Contrast
Mosus & Zero Tolerance - Runtime
Nookie - You can't hold me back
Eveson & Redeyes - State Of Mind
Deadly Habit - Synesthesia (Theory remix)
Sabaruko - Find A Lover
Lynx & Henree - Hypothesis
Commix - How You Gonna Feel?
Eveson - HotWax
Mistical - Mistical Solution
Digital - Session
Eveson - Brooklyn
Alix Perez & Lynx - Allegiance
Alix Perez & Sabre - Old Flame
...more to come soon...

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