Now Playing: Week 41 (Nick Johnston - Hypergiant)

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I've talked about Nick Johnston before, one of my new favorite guitar players in the world. Cant stop listening to his latest album Remarkably Human, and this song as all from the album is amazing, refreshing, sweet and face melting, with a lot of attitude and elegance.

Song: Hypergiant
Artist: Nick Johnston
Year: 2016

Now Playing Week 41


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Yeah he's really smooth on this piece but precise, I understand you perfectly.
Thanks so much for sharing your tastes 😊

Nick is a killer guitar player :)

Not sure I've heard him before. A tasteful player.

BTW Now you have built your account up I think it's time to move my delegation to someone else. Hope you don't mind.


No problem at all my friend!, i cant thank you enough for all your support!, and there are plenty new guys in the block who deserve that delegation! Cheers my friend!

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