The Crypto Themed Party

in notsofunny •  7 months ago


... That Happened In My Head.

It was a cold summer evening; the sky looked pink because the moon was reflecting the rays of a newly discovered planetary body in our galaxy. I felt the color was more of a product of the mixture of the rays of the sun and this "strange thing" but everyone else found it easy to give all the credits to this thing because it was the "new thing".

"Out with the old!" was the chant on everyone's lips as they began to talk down on the Sun and how it had gotten excessively arrogant and hot-headed over the years. There were placards raised at different marching events across the globe. The world was finally a better place to live in.

As I slowly took all that in, I turned the corner and headed towards a building with no gatekeepers or single point of entry. You could as well have called it a lawn and you'd pretty much be right. Within the framework of this building, nobody was king and nobody was a slave; it's here you were allowed to be your true self. The dress code for the day was Green and Red but no matter the colour you decided to go with, no side was right or wrong. It was a party after all and we were here to have fun; choosing sides is boring!

Did I mention that by this time, I was already inside the framework? Well, you should know!

There were Bulls running around and Bears trying to cause a bloodbath everywhere. ATH and ATL were present, majorly telling stories of the times when they were popping. In between, we had Alts of different forms, shapes, and sizes. Chains and forks of chains littered the pathway to the golden throne; a seat no one had occupied yet. It almost felt beyond the reach of all.

But it was stupid; how would folks who clamour for equity still fight for the right to be called King? I must have been the only one overthinking stuff, after all​, it was a party!

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Lawd! Your brain and your mind are something else. Interesting! and yes, not funny at all


I agree with you 100%


Hehe... glad you found it interesting 😀

You've got a really evolved mind and soul buddy. I salute your creative acumen 👍


Haha! It felt borderline trash to me tho... although I couldn’t helping “showing it off” 😂😂😂

Thank you 🙏🏽

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