Don't procrastinate

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Today my wife asked me: "Did you hear about Notre Dame?"

I had not. Today was a day off the internet mostly for me (at least when it comes to consuming of news and content).

So of course I checked what was up.

The first thing i thought was: " Fuck I have never seen it !" That is of course very selfish, but Jodi explained to me her feelings when visiting it.

Clearly it was very inspiring to her, especially since it had been built in the 13th century.

But the key lessons for me again was to not procrastinate. I could have seen it many times, but I chose to do other things that are likely more convenient.

Not sure if this is relevant to you but for me it came back to one of that great lesson of life!

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We were just talking about this. There is so much to see in the world and so little time.

Mt Rushmore is on our list for this summer along with our museums here in Chicago. We are pretty lucky to have so amazing museums that bring in great exhibits on a regular basis.

I never had any specific interest in visiting Notre Dame, even so, this is unfortunate.

I was thinking something similar. FU** I am going to visit there next year!

It´s incredibly distressing to see more than 700 years of history going down like that.

Certainly relevant! It makes the memories more special for me as I was able to experience it twice. However, as with many tragedies, rebuilding will be done to restore culture; hopefully in our lifetime.

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Not sure if this is relevant to you but for me it came back to one of that great lesson of life!

It is relevant to me. The greatest regrets I have in my life are related to procrastination. I haven't had anything to call a tragedy in my life. But there are times where I often wonder hat if I had some some small things differently. For a simple example I wonder how my life would have changed if I had bough BTC while it was below $1000. I've had some books that changed my life and they were sitting around in the shelves for years s I walked pas them. Reading them literally changed my life and gave me new perspective. What if I had read them years ago............

Anyway I came across this on Reddit:

I think we all procrastinate. Sometimes we put things off for too long and we are no longer to do those things .... a life lesson indeed.