"Notice The Remarkable" contest #8 | Enter for a chance to win 500 ORGANDUO tokens!

The rule is simple:

  • Post something remarkable from your day that you did, saw or overheard.

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After 24 hours, I will award 500 ORGANDUO to one lucky Steemian based on what I thought was the most remarkable to me!

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Good luck!

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I accidentally stepped on my pet's poop

It's pretty remarkable indeed.

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Greetings friend @organduo, today the festivities continue in my town San Francisco de Asís, with a small parade where the people of my community participate, previously other people came with their comparsas having the opportunity to win a great prize in metal.

I hope you win something too...

The price of Steem never ceases to amaze me.

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Hahaha! Hard to swallow, right?

When I went to my summerhouse, in the bus radio was playng. They talked about national day of teachers. It remainded me that today was birthday of my uncle... I forgot about it before...

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Good timing for the reminder...

I have been admiring how lovely the Hostas have been this fall.

And then the deer found them and this is what I am left with!

Deer must be quite happy...

I read you can get serious ill by wearing your washed clothes. The washing machine is a great best/pool of bacteria that are immune against antibiotics.
In hospitals this happens too also with the clothes the babies/premature wear. Better keep the dirty machine very clean and only wash on high temps.

I wonder which steps to take to trade to mend on steem-engine. 🤔

This contest has expired. Perhaps you might want to comment on a new one.

That is a pity for me. Thanks for letting me know. Have a great Monday 💕

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