You want "free speech"? Go write in a diary!

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To all of you whiny ass freedom fighters....

  • If you are entitled to "free speech", so are we all. You tend to forget this.
  • This is a privately owned website. Steemit, inc. can do as they fucking please with your posts, including greying them out when they've been flagged.
  • 100% of your posts and comments are still visible on the blockchain.
  • If you're not happy with how Steemit, inc. handles your posts and comments, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! You don't have to use this site!!!!
  • You're so fucking whiny, it's hilarious. I love flagging whiny, entitled freedom fighters.

Quit your bitching or go back to Facebook. You're not entitled to any more here than you are there!!!

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First post of yours I’ve agreed with in awhile...

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence.

People always seem to forget that part...

Freedom of speech on 4chan also guarantees freedom of consequences...
The people who don't like it here should go there I think.

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100% agree, freedom of speech just means the government wont throw you in jail for the things you say. You can still say whatever you want but that doesn't mean there wont be consequences.

Hello my dear #fingolfin , "Buck" is expressed through the sound. This is the usual rule. People used to be respected and hated. If there was a tax on the use of speech, there would have been no quarrel between the two. I do not know if the government will take prisoner in speech. But in 1952, the then East Pakistan government (now Bangladesh) killed people in the capital Dhaka in a procession demanding free speech application. 21st February International "Mother Language Day" Thanks God and all .

That made absolutely no sense...


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I'm reading your comment just fine using Steemit


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I'm seeing your comment. That's all there is to it. Arguing without logic is the same as trolling...

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Takes under a second and almost no effort to see your message. If you call that being censored, okay. If you feel abused, just create a new account and don't interact with bernie. It's that simple. System like this enables all kinds of people.

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But it is not hidden and that's still important. Sure, it isn't the ideal solution, but it's still important nonetheless. It's a tool and like all tools, it can be abused. I agree with you to an extent, just not with all of it.

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Slightly less, yes, we can agree there. But I wouldn't call it censorship either.

You could also easily build a frontend that treats all messages the same, flagged or not.

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Actually, people seem to have a big misunderstanding of what “downvotes” are designed for.


This is a reward based platform and downvotes are a way to regulate those rewards, using ones stake.

Trolling is a valid reason to receive a downvote, so is disagreement with rewards received. Downvotes can also be used as a way to help fight plagiarism as well as fight reward “farming.” Each can use theirs the way they see fit and by downvoting something, it’s returning those rewards to the pool to be distributed to everyone else.

Unfortunately they are not used responsibly by most and then others seem to rage when they receive one.. so yeah, things could be better.

There is also this mute button that works to not “see” people, as well as not visiting their blog. Plus, the upcoming communities feature should help with this quite a bit.

Trolling is a valid use for it

Haha. Let's take a good look at this logic so it is clear why it is stupid:

You're interpreting the list in a way that "if you want to be an internet troll, then you should downvote and that is acceptable."

So let's replace this reason with something else from the list. "If you want to be a plagiarizer, then you should downvote and that is acceptable." See? That's stupid.

Now let me guess: "but this is how I see it." No, it's selfish abuse. By logic, taking a personal interpretation and turning it into "the only thing that is true" defaults to being an asshole. If you enforce it, it's tyranny. That's all there is to it.

"But it's my stake and I can be a tyrant in any way I want!" Well, that's a whole different story. And yes. We understand you can.

I’m not even sure who you are talking to, the English words up there that I wrote state that trolling was a valid reason to receive a downvote or flag.

As in, if you are an internet troll.. someone is fully within their rights (per the whole idea behind the downvote feature) to use their downvotes (and stake) on you.

It seems you and @klevn both took that as me saying it meant trolling is what you should do? 🤔 I’d apologize for any confusion, but I don’t see how there was any.

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Well you can't drive him away either in a system like this, so just avoid him or go back to systems where admins do have ultimate control on who gets seen or not.

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What should be done? Just mute him and if he still flags you, that's his right as a stake holder in this decentralized system. Your content will still be visible which is better than in traditional platforms...

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence.

Where do we want the consequences to end, though?
Should business be allowed to discriminate based on political opinions? Should wanabe militias be allowed to arrange physical consequences to those when deviate too much from far-left politics? Should business be allowed to refuse service to clients who voted for the other candidate?
Where do we draw the line on speech is just half of equation, the consequence part is just as important...


However there is NO FREE SPEECH on PRIVATE PROPERTY!!! In the mean time, there is this post:

Dollar Bill.jpg

Freedom of speech until its something they don't want to hear. It works both ways... I agree.

Or when they give a flag, and write a whiny post when one is received...

No it's not. There aren't conservative equivalents to things like left wing college campuses where you can be disciplined for not being racist against white people, or left wing mainstream websites like Facebook and Reddit where you can be banned from most subreddits just for asking uncomfortable questions. Most right-wing online platforms very much welcome people from the opposing side expressing their views.

The idea that conservatives are as against freedom of speech as liberals is one of the most delusionally defensive examples of the psychosis of the modern American left.

@hstark it's easy to convince dumb white trash that university limits free speech, because it's one of those places you people will never set foot. Same with how you can be told any nonsense about Europe because its not like you have a passport.

the only real definition of white trash is when I blow my big white load of cum on your mom's face

I am independent and I find the reality to be exactly the opposite, the left lets in to many ideas and they look like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off trying to please everyone by trying to understand evey view point and they get bogged down in it. While the conservative right gets in lock step behind the status quo and won't change or listen to things...

It's even in the definition of their names, stop playing fake spin on things.

While conservative are supposedly for freedom of speech they support it to the level of really only pushing dogma.

Again I am not a blue or red. I'm in the middle and I have seen this for 4.5 decades. I will state it started to changing over 30 years ago.

We do have a lot more freedom even on the steemit website itself, since posts can still be seen even when greyed out... It feels like noone else understands this tad bit, but it's a major turning point. We get stuff deleted on Facebook, but not here.

Well, these "freedom fighter" types usually aren't the brightest. You can typically identify them by listening to their conversations about how the "earth is flat", etc.

The Earth is a pizza. Everybody knows that.

lol i do agree earth is pizza and burgers too :D

In your opinion, which would be the types who are the brightest?

Ones who know the Earth is not flat.


blackhole flat.jpg

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It’s crazy how people complain instead of research


that's like an urban myth now

I 100% agree. Free speech goes both ways. So people can both agree and disagree with whomever they please. It's kind of beautiful.

There is also the uncomfortable bit about your free speech impinging on my free speech and vice versa. Too much free speech actually means we don't have any free speech. Ya dig?

We do have much more opportunity even on the steemit site itself, since posts can at present be seen notwithstanding when turned gray out... It feels like noone else comprehends this tiny bit, however it's a noteworthy defining moment. We get stuff erased on Facebook, yet not here


Freedomforall or else freedom for none. Steemit offer freedom for all and IMHO it is much better than any altetnative.

There's not enough DRAMA to go around.

To view or trade DRAMA go to

can i make diary on blockchain

Thats owner to me sir berniesanders .
Your post is really helpful for making good speech.
Thank you very much sir .

As long as witnesses/node operators aren't arbitrating what transactions (posts/comments) are allowed, we'll probably be OK. As long as anyone can setup a competitive Steem UI, all ideas will have a place on the blockchain, even really, really stupid ones.

Is this a stupid post? :

It must be, since I can't get a single comment!

If it's art related, maybe share it on Ntopaz? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Have you heard about the new game on the Steem blockchain? I call it NextSanders.

The freedom of expression will always exist, it is the decision of each one if it enforces it or allows it to be taken away.

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lol, what happened again? Anything in particular or the usual stuff of free writers that complain when flagged? I miss too much these days it seems


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I have followed your lead. STEEM BLOG is nothing more than a platform for:

A. Morons
B. Rejects
C. Patriot Wannabe's
D. Ponzi Schemes

E. Good people who are ignorant

For which of these reasons are you here?

D. What else is the self upvote for?!?

I'm just curious if you don't like the system, what keeps you here?


Nice! But how is it free? You have to pay for your Steem Account or invest some Steempower to make any significant amount of payout.
The only "Free Money" would be the upvotes from others on your content.

you are assuming a put in a penny to this ponzi. I didn't. I studied it. I wrote stuff back in the day. I used bots back in the day (when they made you a profit). Now you have to pay ;).. and anyone paying is making my STEEM go up. Now I'm just delegating and writing next to nothing. Now people use my power and pay me for it. YAY - delegation.

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How are u?
Can you help me, how can i get more vote to the steemit?

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Totally agree! I wont go into the details but a group of free speech warriors tried to hound me off a forum site once because i didn't agree with their opinions, because my sensibilities were different to theirs...funny thing is they didn't even see the irony.


Una plataforma para fomentar la lectura y la expresión


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You never hear people on Reddit saying downvotes that make comments invisible are censorship, you only hear that shit here by people upset their rewards got voted away. It's about people being feeling entitled to payment, not freedom of speech.


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You a Statist.

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... and liberals are only such a problem today because they wield the violence of government.

The big surprise is that Satoshi Nakamoto want to use the big government hammer to silence you wankers too.

It is the paradox of the universe which is a song that never ends.

Nice word or quote....

Well this is a freedom of speech.. 🙎

Until nobody touches my freedom to remain silent,it's fine with me.

Dear #berniesanders , You are not outside the intelligent freedom fighter. This post presentation is an expression of "free speech." Although the "free speech" does not reveal, poetic, artistic, and theoretical representation does not always exist. As you've made possible. Can I do that? The answer is yes. The patient forgot to laugh. You also be in the laughing party, wishing for it .Thank you .

Freedom of speech can (and should always be at least) be a self-declared right, along with the nerve to accept and/or not be intimidated by political or societal consequences, rather than necessarily one afforded by the state.

If you are willing to martyr yourself to make a point on behalf of humanity, then you carry in your heart the most robust freedom of speech possible.

me encanta esta publicacion muy interesante

I feel comfortable writing in Steemit, so I won't leave it.

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It always amazes me how many people choose to whine about anything rather than create or offer solutions. Like children who never grew up.

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fuck, @sharingcontent and flat earthers. eat your asses

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and if you do look at it, DO NOT COMMENT ON IT.