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RE: DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - Security - day 2

in #norway5 years ago (edited)

Oh my God it's you @ramta! Very very happy to see you.
I still can't forget you, @bashboard , @everydaycoach, @barbro and et all! How funny those days were when you all made funny bidding post, i wish i could find those days again!

Very nice music videos, enjoyed!


These funny days are back again! Now it is called:
Sign up and I will help you, and you can make money with us again.

I am very happy to see you too @Tangera
I am so flattered by your words thank YOU....

Here is a music video about good times and having fun:

I am so happy you stopped by - Let me see you again
@Ramta Reddington

Thank you very much, thanks again for awesome funny music video.

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