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RE: A landscape view from the mountains behind my cabin

in #norway2 years ago

Hey Sir @gyldenhorn,

Sunrise and sunset from my home can be enjoyed beautifully from my room. The mountain is fully visible and every moment of the moment can be felt. I am fortunate to have our home yet and mounton is a place where the weather is always cool and the environment is always there other places So I think people who live near the mountain God has great things for them to enjoy the moment has a lot more support.

I am uploading a photo taken from my house below 😋 : 

Sir, I hope you enjoy Maunton's full view and the weather is amazing and the topics you wrote above are really great and I feel very proud to express my respect for you.


Hello @Smithandy
Glad to hear that you also love the mountains. And judging by where you live I can understand why you love them so much.
I must sy that this house of yours seems to lay in a perfect spot.
Have a great day.

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