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From beautiful and wild scenery from Nordland, in this post, I will bring along some pictures from the island of Stord which are located in the western part of the Hardangerfjord not far from the North Sea. The island of Stord is situated just as south of Norway's second largest city Bergen. A few years ago Stord had been granted city status.
Stord is centrally located in the region of Sunnhordland.
On the first picture, we can part of the mountain party on the island, where the highest peak has an altitude of 752 meters.
The highest point we see in the picture is the Kattnakken where the tower stands. This mountain has an altitude of 724 meters.
The western landscape has a lot in common with nature further north in the country.
Nevertheless, there will be differences, between the mountains tend to be more eroded in this area of ​​the country and thus round off compared to the more pointed peaks that I have experienced further north.
But lush is the landscape in on Stord and in Sunnhordland, with green slopes and lots of forests. Cultural memories are also found in the picture with some older houses that are well taken care of.
The last picture shows how to use the wood for firewood.




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I admire the simplicity that prevails in the places that you show us. I do not see the modern palaces, which close to us, with their walls, nature. It is wonderful. the highest place where I was, is Mount Goverla in the Carpathians, 2061 meters, but, 700 meters, it feels like it is not less. I was climbing and the rocks of the Crimea, I did not pass by my attention. When you stand on the edge of a 200-meter cliff, you feel like a bird. Thanks for the informative story, like the previous ones, it is wonderful. I forgot to say about the photos, you know that I love pictures in which there is a lot of life. I lived in your photos @Siggjo!
I posted a comment, my friend, yesterday there were interruptions in the Internet, it was terrible)))


On these photos, I have put particular emphasis on nature @Barski
In Stord municipality it lives approx. Eighteen thousand inhabitants, and in a later blog I will show some pictures showing a more urban environment.

Wonderful mountain scenery.

Thank you for the interesting description of this area.

I have already learned a lot about Norway thanks to your interesting publications.

Thank you very much for interesting and informative stories and great pictures .


I am glad you appreciate my story about this place @Singa
Nice to hear that you are learning an ​interesting thing about Norway.