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RE: Welcome to the Garage Sale Issue 3 - Velkommen til garasjesalget utgave 3

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I want to sell another item.Now this time it's a watch.Brand new and boxed.Highest bid will get this.IMG_20180327_201351.jpgIMG_20180327_201603.jpg


New bid 7SBD bid 5.gif

Hi, please follow our Recipe for selling something:

  • Write your own post where you as detailed as you wish presents what you sell and at what price.
  • Write a reply on this page where you briefly tell what you are selling, at what price and if there are any
  • benefits for the buyer - CashBack, SBD from Upvoting in return etc.
  • Then paste a link to your own post.
  • Now you can paste a link from your post to your product here, where you make the money.

If you don't follow this guidelines you risk to get downvoted in the future

Are you telling that first i have to make a post with all the details of the product.Then copy the link of the post and paste here.Is it the process?

Yes that is what we are telling you, and write a short description of what you are selling here:-)

my bid is 5sbd

bid 2.gif

Hello @rupok, When will you close this auction?

I wanna buy this watch for my bf.My bid is 2 SBD.The watch looks nice.

My bid is 6SBD.I want that watch.

Thank's to @barbro,@babsboard,@everydaycoach and @abcmartinedcba.Thank's to all of you guys from deep end of my heart for upvoting me.0a513b037c7b1c39968adfc20d61609f.jpg

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