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RE: DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - WINNERS - day 47

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Congratz to the new guys on the top 100.
About the guy that are attacking @Babsboard, can you say what kind of troops he has most of and have he all kind of troops?


Viking hird 1.jpg


Hello @OneBitNews

Super Bouncer: 8 429
Bazooka Guy: 870
Mercenary: 981
Gunman: 3 909
Hitman: 400
Knifer: 4 116
Big Mama: 1 050
Ninja: 515
Sniper: 1 765
He do not have any more Rowdy's because I took them out, Ha ha ha. I even took out 8 Super Bouncers. I think he is very nervous about my attacks Ha ha ho ho hi ;-)

That was good size of an army. Bet he has spent some future or STEEM to build it up since I cant imagine that he has more weapon and alcohol production than many of the Viking members have.
The army he has now cost 88 million weapon and 84 million alcohol to build. If you have a production of 1 mill of each every day (I dont think he has so much) it will take 88 days to get that army size.
Good that you took out the Rowdys :)

Thanks my friend

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