Travel Tip #8: Kristiansten Fortress | Trondheim, Norway

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Kristiansten Fortress in Trondheim, Norway


Kristiansten (or Christiansten) Fortress is located on a hill east of the city of Trondheim in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. My friend and I walked from Trondheim center. It didn't take too long, and we were able to see more of the city. Since the fortress is placed on a hill, you should prepare yourself for an amazing view over the city.


The fortress was built after the fire of Trondheim in 1681. The purpose for building the fortress was to protect the city against attack from the east. The construction was finished in 1685.


The fortress managed to fulfill its purpose in 1718 when Swedish Forces laid siege against Trondheim. The fortress was decommissioned in 1816 by king Charles XIV John Of Sweden.


"Waldergrave Poodles" by Laura Ford.

During German occupation of Norway in World War 2 the Nazis executed many Norwegian patriots here at Kristiansten Fortress.


It's a really cool place with a lot of history which I would love to learn more about. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I love old buildings. So visiting this place was awesome.


My friend being very social in the background..

I hope you liked my 8'th travel-tip-post. And as always, all feedback is very much appreciated!

Have a nice day.



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A very informative post. It would be nice if you shared not just the facts about the place, but the general experience as well.

Facts can be read in history books, but experiences can only come from individuals.

Cheers :)

Yes, you're absolutely right. I'll definitely bring that into my next post. Thank you for commenting, @twowheeledmonkey.

This was an interesting article with nice pictures! Looking forward to more from you!

Hi, @firepower! Thank you so much for your kind comment :)

Amazing photos!

Thank you so much, @crissimoes! :)

will be on my list when I visit Norway :)

Awesome, @hend! You will love it! :)

great content

Thank you so much, @jpucilowska! :)

Thoroughly enjoyed you taking us around Norway, a great post as usual Kirstin. Thanks

You're so kind, @livinguktaiwan :) Thank you for your sweet comment! :)

Seems like a nice place for a walk... Love the 3 white poodles and their expressions! :) And you have a nice door(way) in your photo!

Yes, it is. Very open, but still a lot to see. Yeah, I liked them too. Yes, does this doorway qualify for the DistinctiveDoors hashtag?

Informative post with very good pictures. I like it, thank you

Thank you so much, @dejan.vuckovic! :)

Great post with lovely pictures!

Thank you so much, @pia-ps! :)

Lovely place and nice photos. :)

Thank you so much, @zararina! :)

Great post kristin :)

Thank you so much, @karja! :)

Great post! Been to Trondheim many times, but never even heard about this place, will surely check it out the next time I'm there!


Hi, @hamlander! I didn't know about it either until my friend told me about it. It's definitely worth checking out. Thanks for commenting :) Have a nice day!

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